Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week 1- Project 52

Well, this is much harder than I thought. I feel like I'm missing a very important element by excluding people from my pictures. Hopefully I can train my brain . 52 weeks is 1 year, by the way. That's along time. I've never done anything consistently for 1 year. Ever. :0)

I snapped this picture because it reminded me of being 10 years old. Of laying on my trampoline, trying to find shapes in the clouds and dreaming about being on an airplane that was headed somewhere exotic.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Year..New Challenge!

Welcome to my new photography blog! Thanks for stopping by. To kick off the new year ( a few weeks late) I have decided to participate in MCP Project 52. I will post one photo a week for 52 weeks but my goal is to step outside my comfort zone. I love photographing people, so this year I will aim to capture beauty in anything non-human as a means to stretch myself creatively. Did I mention this is outside my comfort zone? I'm a little nervous but excited to get started! I will be posting my weekly photo here as well as specials, promotions and recent photo check back soon!